Salt-Therapy & Spileo-Therapy

From deep in the earth comes Close to Us


Since 1900 a.c.

Salt Therapy inside Polish Salt mines
(converted into Sanatoria)


2005 – 2007 VISION & MISSION:

Dr. Basilis Masoulas decides to PUT SALT IN EVERYONE’S LIFE!
Leads a team of doctors & scientists that Designs the all natural Salt Cave



Changeland brings Salt Therapy close to Us
inside the 1st all natural ISO certified Salt Cave

What is a certified Salt Cave?

2010 – Today

Services Innovation in different industrial sectors

Hotels & Resorts
Healthcare – Hospitals
Elderly Homes
Fitness – Sport Centers
Wellness – Relaxation – SPAs
Child Care
Homebased Solutions
Corporate Business Office
Constructions Decoration


What is a Salt Cave?

People who visit Changeland’s Salt Cave enjoy the peaceful and healing air, the sense of freshness and salt in the atmosphere. The sound of running water in the waterfall, color therapy, music therapy and the customizable decoration will complete the beneficial intakes that the Changeland’s Salt Cave can provide.

We have installed Real, All Natural Salt Caves in Europe, USA & the Middle East. We are the only company with Scientific Proof of the Micro climate of our Salt Caves, ISO Certifications and Accreditations from the authorities in Europe, USA and Middle East. We deliver uncomparable Value, Quality, Innovative Products, Services and Pricing.

Medical University Professor: Changeland Salt Caves offer Growth opportunities in Health Tourism


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